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Re: questions

On Oct 3,  1:10pm, Stefan Berglund wrote:
} Subject: Re: questions
} I had problems with 3.0.5 regarding terminal resizing, that
} was my main reason to upgrade to 3.1.x.

Amusingly enough, 3.1.x was (before 3.1.6) using the old 3.0.4 terminal
sizing code.  So you upgraded in order to downgrade.

One of the things I did before releasing 3.0.6 was to introduce sanity
into that terminal sizing code and bring 3.0.6 and 3.1.6 into closer
alignment in that regard, so neither version should have serious trouble
at this point -- or if either does, they both will.

} Which leads to my question: is there a way for a normal user to supply
} completion widgets overriding and complementing the globally installed
} ones?

Of course.  This is detailed in the "completion system" section of the
3.1.6 manual ("man zshcompsys" if you aren't using the info pages).  That
has been expanded a bit since the 3.1.6 announcement, so you might want
to pick up the latest release from http://www.ifh.de/~pws/computing/ to
get a more complete picture.

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