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Re: coproc tutorial (Re: questions)

Thomas Koehler wrote:

> > 3.1.6-pws-something (at least the latest pws-6) has Functions/Misc/nslookup
> > which uses `vared' to read the user input, thus allowing command line
> > editing. Together with the new completion system this function will
> > also give you completion *inside* nslookup (and not only nslookup's
> > arguments).
> Now this is really cool... how do I enable this? :-)

Well, new style completion with the usual call to `compinit' (after
autoloading and things), and then just make `nslookup' autoloaded and
call it. For my version of `nslookup' here, it works, but as Bart
mentioned in 2668, it doesn't work everywhere (and I don't feel like
spending more time trying to improve the beast, it was mainly a hack
to show how the `compcontext' parameter can be used).

> > To workers: seems like noone found this interesting enough to improve
> > the code I hacked up. Maybe sometime we could write a generic function 
> > for this task...
> Allowing completion from within all stdin/stdout-bound programs?
> ncftp -L is a candidate here, amongst others...

;-) there are may of them...


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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