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Re: is this a feature of zsh-3.1.6?

User ALEX wrote about Re: is this a feature of zsh-3.1.6?:
:On 27 Dec 1999, Geoff Wing wrote:
:: % setopt nopromptcr	# (or unsetopt promptcr)
:Thanks for the answer. Do you know why this option is enabled by default?!

A couple of reasons are:
1) It's always been enabled by default (in the first widespread release
   version 2.0 it was called no_prompt_clobber and changed to no_prompt_cr
   in 2.2) so it's still enabled for backward compatibility.
2) It means that when line editing in command mode, the shell can reliably
   move the cursor (and text) around the line.  Without knowing where the
   cursor is in absolute (horizontal) terms the shell can't know if it has
   crossed a line boundary;  how the cursor behaves on crossing line
   boundaries has widely different behaviours depending upon the terminal.
   In short, if you use this then you're pretty much stuck with using
   short single line command lines (and no right prompt) when any text is
   spewed up prior to the prompt.

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