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Re: is this a feature of zsh-3.1.6?

Geoff Wing <gcw@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> User ALEX wrote about Re: is this a feature of zsh-3.1.6?:
> :On 27 Dec 1999, Geoff Wing wrote:
> :: % setopt nopromptcr	# (or unsetopt promptcr)
> :Thanks for the answer. Do you know why this option is enabled by default?!
> A couple of reasons are:
> 1) It's always been enabled by default (in the first widespread release
>    version 2.0 it was called no_prompt_clobber and changed to no_prompt_cr
>    in 2.2) so it's still enabled for backward compatibility.
> 2) It means that when line editing in command mode, the shell can reliably
>    move the cursor (and text) around the line.  Without knowing where the
>    cursor is in absolute (horizontal) terms the shell can't know if it has
>    crossed a line boundary;  how the cursor behaves on crossing line
>    boundaries has widely different behaviours depending upon the terminal.
>    In short, if you use this then you're pretty much stuck with using
>    short single line command lines (and no right prompt) when any text is
>    spewed up prior to the prompt.

I use no_prompt_cr, and I have a right prompt and stuff.  Of course
the command line gets a little messes up when programs don't finish
their output with a newline, but that can easily be cleared up with
ctrl-L.  I prefer to clear the mess up myselft rather than having zsh
hide output.

David Kågedal

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