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Re: "rehash" each time a new program is installed?

On Feb 15,  6:57pm, Louis-David Mitterrand wrote:
} Subject: "rehash" each time a new program is installed?
} I find myself having to run "rehash" to get zsh to recognize the
} presence of a new executable in the PATH. bash doesn't seem to have that
} requirement. Is there an option to get that behavior in zsh?

You probably want "setopt nohashdirs".  If that doesn't do it, "nohashcmds".

} Also, how could I have zsh not list "CVS" directories when completing
} paths? I tried fignore but it doesn't work.

I don't immediately recall any way to ignore intermediate directories in
a path.  It's probably possible using styles in 3.1.6 and later, but the
only way for 3.0.8 would be to write a "compctl -K" function and attach
it to the specific commands for which you don't want to see CVS.

} Oh, and a last one ;) Is it possible to "fignore" a file except when
} it's the only completion candidate (considering the typed string e.g.)?

That should happen already:

fignore <S> <Z> (FIGNORE <S>)
     An array (colon separated list) containing the suffixes of files
     to be ignored during filename completion.  However, if the
     completion generates only files which would match if this variable
     would be ignored, than these files are completed anyway.

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