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Re: `make' completion in zsh-3.1.9

"Bart Schaefer" <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Mar 17,  6:04pm, Bruce Stephens wrote:
> } Subject: Re: `make' completion in zsh-3.1.9
> }
> } I'm guessing there's some difference in make behaviour.  Presumably
> } this is relevant:
> } 
> } # make -nsp --no-print-directory -f Makefile .PHONY | wc -l
> } 1494859
> Yow.
> You don't have a MAKEFLAGS environment variable set, do you?


> You might try capturing a bit of the "make -nsp ..." output to see
> if it really is honoring the -n (do not execute) and -s (don't print
> commands) options.

I think it's honouring the -n, but possibly not the -s.  I can see
lots of commands that I'm guessing it would do without the -n.

> However, it's possible that the Linux kernel build process has been
> restructured in 2.4 in such a way that it's extremely expensive to run
> make without actually building anything.  I don't have the 2.4 kernel
> source downloaded here at home ...

Yes, I think that's what's happening: one or other of the Makefiles is
overriding something, somehow.  The same happens with Kaffe
(<http://www.kaffe.org/>).  I get over 2M lines with that.


>     zstyle ':completion:*:make:*:version' command :
> which will prevent completion from discovering that you have GNU
> make; which in turn will cause it to parse the Makefile directly.
> You lose completion of any targets that are availble only via
> recursive makes, and it'll miss GNUmakefile files, but it should run
> a lot faster.

I guess.  make sucks---it really ought to be easy, somehow, to get at
a plausible list of targets.

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