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Re: completion tricks

Matt Armstrong (matt.armstrong@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Adam Spiers <adam@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> I was way beyond compinstall -- making custom completers for my own
> commands, etc.  Then I stepped back and analyzed the effort I was
> expending for the actual benefit.  Using compctl exclusively removes
> the temptation for spending time customizing every command I ever run.
> ;-)

Fair enough :-)  I've fallen into the same trap myself in the past,
although I think I've got the balance right now.  I'm finding that
writing really simple functions with maybe a _files -W type of
completion often come in incredibly handy, and hardly take any time to
write, for instance.

> > This is a shame, but I can totally sympathise with your viewpoint.
> > I would love to hear some tips from any zsh-workers as to how zsh
> > can be optimised with respect to startup time.
> Thinking back, startup time was not the problem that caused me to
> switch back.  It was the fact that simple tab file completion got
> slower.  Occasionally I'm doing stuff on slower systems with NFS file
> systems.  Completing files with TAB was noticeably slower with the new
> system over the old.

This really bothered me too, so I got rid of the _approximate and
_correct completers (IIRC).

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