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process completion

At home I'm using zsh 3.1.6 and I have process
completion like the following:

shippy@neptune:~> kill 82<TAB>
 8212 ttyp0    00:00:00 zsh
 8253 ttyp0    00:00:00 zsh
 8254 ttyp0    00:00:00 ps

I really like how aligned it is and shows you
the name of the process. However, at work I'm
using the example compctl file downloaded from
zsh.org, and I get something like this:

jeff@reznor:~> kill -9 <TAB>
1700   1782   1783   1784   28628  31806

The line that does this in the compctl file
at my work is:

# kill takes signal names as the first argument after -, but job names after %
# or PIDs as a last resort
compctl -j -P '%' + -s '`ps -a | tail +2 | cut -c1-5`' + \
        -x 's[-] p[1]' -k "($signals[1,-3])" -- kill

At home, however, I cannot seem to find a file that
has this defined and typing 'compctl' doesn't show
anything for kill. I like the behavior that I get at
home better. Is this something that's built into
zsh? If so, how can I get it at work?

BTW, at home I'm using 3.1.6 and at work I'm using 3.1.9.
Thanks in advance.

Jeff "Shippy" Shipman     E-Mail: shippy@xxxxxxx
Computer Science Major    ICQ: 1786493
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Homepage: http://www.nmt.edu/~shippy

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