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Re: process completion

Jeff Shipman wrote:
> At home I'm using zsh 3.1.6 and I have process
> completion like the following:

> I really like how aligned it is and shows you
> the name of the process. However, at work I'm
> using the example compctl file downloaded from

> BTW, at home I'm using 3.1.6 and at work I'm using 3.1.9.
> Thanks in advance.

The nicely aligned process list is the default way processes are
completed using the new style completion. If you are using the new style
at home it is probably because you are using a Linux distribution where
they have enabled it by default. It is enabled with the following two

	autoload -U compinit

which you will probably find at home are either in your .zshrc or
somewhere like /etc/zshrc.

What I would recommend you do is enable new-style completion at work.
The easiest way to do this is with:
	autoload -U compinstall

This will add the compinit lines and let you do some basic

You may also need to remove your compctl commands. You'll find that the
new-style completion is much better in many areas and it is set up to
complete many commands already which will save you the trouble of
writing compctls.

If you don't want the new completion, it should be possible to do the
aligned process completion with compctl.


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