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Re: new completion modifications

On Mar 22,  4:50pm, Scott Lipcon wrote:
} Subject: Re: new completion modifications
} > % mutt -f +inb<C-x?>
} > 
} > Control-x question-mark is bound to _complete_debug, which will dump a
} > trace of what the completion functions are doing into a temp file.
} That doesn't seem to be bound on my system - nothing happens.  

Hmm, odd.  "compinit" should be picking it up, it has a #compdef line.

} I bound it manually (bindkey '^X?' _complete_debug) and get a ton of
} output - I'll attach it to this message.  there is no _mh_cache in 
} there at all.

There is this, though:

+_mailboxes:6> ((  ! 1  ))

That's `if (( ! $+_mailbox_cache )) then' in _mailboxes.  So your zsh
thinks it has already cached all the mailboxes it needs to know about.
There probably should be some other way to force _mailboxes to reload
the cache besides:

unset _mailbox_cache

and then try C-x ? again.

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