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Re: new completion modifications

On Mar 23, 11:27am, Scott Lipcon wrote:
} Subject: Re: new completion modifications
} yup, $_mailbox_cache was set to /var/mail/slipcon, which does exist, but 
} isn't used because mail gets filtered straight to my MH folders.

That's OK, _mailbox_cache is just used as a flag value to indicate that
all the other _cache variables have also been set.

} I unset _mailbox_cache, and ran it again.  completion still doesn't work

That trace doesn't look quite right ...

AHA!  CVS has the answer.  You're using 3.1.9, and _mailboxes didn't find
out that mutt knows about MH mailboxes until sometime after that.  You
can either upgrade to 4.0.1-pre-2, or you can find the (*:mutt:*) case
label in the _mua_mailboxes function in Completion/User/_mailboxes and
add "${_mh_cache[@]}" to the array assignment.

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