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I apologize if this isn't a suitable question to ask here, but I spent five
hours yesterday looking at the documentation and webpages and was unable to
figure out what might be my problem.  I was running 3.1.9-dev-8, and it
worked fine.  I installed 4.0.1-pre-4 yesterday and couldn't get tab
completion to work.
When I run compinit, it seems to write its code to stdout and not do much
else.  .zcompdump is the following after I run compinit:
#files: 372




autoload -U
In addition, the * and ? wildcards do not work.  If I do a "ls *" it prints
a "ls: : No such file or directory" for each file that * would match.  The ?
wildcard just gives "no matches found" in all cases that I tried.
I tried renaming all of the .zsh and /etc/zsh files and running compinstall
on the bare configuration to no avail.
As far as I can tell by reading the docs, my fpath is set correctly.  I used
the default directories when configuring, and fpath is
/usr/local/share/zsh/4.0.1-pre-4/functions".  The latter directory contains
the completion functions.  If I bind tab to something other than
complete-word and then run compinit, tab doesn't get re-bound to
complete-word.  This makes me think that compinit isn't being run at all,
but the .zcompdump file is being written to, so I'm not quite sure what's
going on.
I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer, and I apologize if this is the not
the correct place to ask such questions.


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