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Re: 4.0.1-pre-4

On May 15,  8:06am, Matthew Landis wrote:
} Subject: 4.0.1-pre-4
} I apologize if this isn't a suitable question to ask here

No, this is exactly the right place.

} I installed 4.0.1-pre-4 yesterday and couldn't get tab completion to work.

First question:  Did "make check" work when you ran it in the build
directory?  (Or did you install prepackaged binaries from somewhere?)

(Note that you must "make" before "make check", the check target does
not rebuild the binary.)

What operating system and compiler do you have?

I'm going to jump ahead a bit:

} --------------
} In addition, the * and ? wildcards do not work.  If I do a "ls *" it prints
} a "ls: : No such file or directory" for each file that * would match.  The ?
} wildcard just gives "no matches found" in all cases that I tried.

Assuming you mean that wildcards don't work anywhere, even when you are
not attempting completion, then something is very seriously wrong with
your zsh build.  Failure of file globbing would explain most of the rest
of the problems you describe.  Please try rebuilding from scratch --
remove your entire old build tree and unpack the tar file again -- and
if the problem persists send a description of your operating system and
OS vendor, your compiler, the arguments you gave to "configure", etc. to

If that is not the problem, then:

} When I run compinit, it seems to write its code to stdout

What does "write its code to stdout" mean?  Do you actually see output of
some kind on your terminal?

} .zcompdump is the following after I run compinit:
} --------------
} #files: 372
} _comps=(
} )
} _services=(
} )
} _patcomps=(
} )
} _postpatcomps=(
} )
} _compautos=(
} )
} autoload -U

What do you see if you run the command "compaudit"?

The above is exactly what I get from running "compinit -i" when NONE of
the completion directories is considered to be secure by compaudit.  If
compaudit complains, you probably either want to fix the permissions on
those directories, or else use "compinit -u".

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