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zsh-4.0.1-pre4 : manpath and MANPATH

zshparam.1 says that setting manpath will change MANPATH and vice versa.
If I change MANPATH, I don't see manpath getting changed.

Worse, I used to set MANPATH in .zshenv.  This results in manpath being empty.
If I then do

  man <Tab>

the competion system seems to be saying "hey, manpath is empty so let's set
both it and MANPATH to a default value".  Result : my original MANPATH setting
is trashed.

I've had to set up manpath instead of MANPATH now in my .zshenv, which means
that I can't go back to v3.1.5 conveniently.

Conversely, it looks like setting PATH changes the value of path.  I haven't
tried assigning to path to see if it changes PATH.

Is the functionality to change manpath when MANPATH is modified missing?  I'd
really like to continue setting MANPATH if I can.


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