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Re: zsh-4.0.1-pre4 : manpath and MANPATH

On May 18,  3:00pm, Richard Curnow wrote:
} zshparam.1 says that setting manpath will change MANPATH and vice versa.
} If I change MANPATH, I don't see manpath getting changed.

It works for me:

schaefer[456] MANPATH=x:y:z ; echo $manpath                         4.0.1-pre-4
x y z

} Worse, I used to set MANPATH in .zshenv.  This results in manpath being
} empty.

What is it that you are (were) assigning to MANPATH when this happens?

} I've had to set up manpath instead of MANPATH now in my .zshenv, which
} means that I can't go back to v3.1.5 conveniently.

That statement confuses me a lot.  MANPATH and manpath have been tied to
each other for a very long time; here's the oldest version of zsh I have
lying around:

zagzig% echo $VERSION
zsh 2.4.306 beta
zagzig% MANPATH=x:y:z ; echo $manpath
x y z
zagzig% manpath=(p d q); echo $MANPATH

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