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Re: .. completion

On Jun 16,  7:52pm, Danijel Tasov wrote:
} When I type /us it will be completed to /usr/ when pressing TAB,
} but .. will not be completed to ../ like in tcsh.

Zsh tends to ignore '..' on the grounds that you only have to type one
character either way, so it's not a hardship to type '/' instead of TAB.

In 4.0.1 with the `compinit' system installed, you can fix this in some
contexts by using:

    zstyle ':completion:*' special-dirs ".."

I say "in some contexts" because the special-dirs style applies only when
completing path names or directories, not when completing file names.  So
the above style will allow '..' to complete to '../' after 'cd', but not
after 'ls' (for example).  This is probably a bug.

To zsh-workers:

In _path_files, the special-dirs style is looked up only as a string, but
the documentation says it may be either a string or a boolean.  Then the
string is used only if there's already a '/' on the line or if the -f or
-/ options were given.

However, in _files, _path_files is always called with -g option, so the
special-dirs style doesn't work at all for _files.

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