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Re: ehh... zsh: correct 'cvs' to '_cvs' [nyae]? n

At 07:37 12-7-2001, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Michael Schaap wrote:

> (The problem is that zsh doesn't find "/bin/cvs", but
> "/bin/cvs.exe".  Therefore, it tries to correct "cvs" to the closest it can
> find, which is the autoloaded "_cvs" function.)

So, once again - should we stop hashing foo.exe (i.e. hash just foo)?
Currently foo.exe is not visible anyway so I cannot see what difference
would it have.

I don't think we should.  If we would, running
        % ls.exe
would no longer work. (Bad example - nobody would try this for ls, they might for other (Windows) executables. For instance, I could imagine typing "cmd.exe".)

The way things are done now seem to be the same as for Bash (which is, after all, the Official Cygwin Shell). Also in Bash, ls<TAB> is completed to both "ls" and "ls.exe", and /bin/ls<TAB> is only completed to "/bin/ls.exe". I think this is the best we can do, without hacking the completion system itself.

The problem is, of course, =cmd won't be the same as /path/to/cmd.exe. But
it the same with my patch as well.

I don't see why that would be a problem.

 - Michael

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