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Re: comptctl help

On Fri, Jul 27, 2001 at 03:42:22PM +0200, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
>   compctl -g '*(D-/)' cd ...

that works perfectly... thanks!

> you could use (and this should also solve the other problem you have
> with this function):
>   filenames=( ${pref}*(N-^/) ${pref}*/ )
> >    hostnames=( ${(M@)hosts:#${pref}*} )
> >    if [[ ${#filenames} -eq 0 && ${#hostnames} -eq 1 ]]; then
> >        reply=

this works too. _except_ it puts a space after completing the directory name
still ie:
scp ju<tab>
completes to
scp junk/[space]
instead of scp junk/[wait for filename completion still]
i suppose that sometimes you might want to copy a whole directory (and it
would be really fancy to take a directory arg if you did scp -r but a
filename only if you just did scp)
don't know if it's possible to do this.

> This isn't enough information to enable to help you.  No way to get
> newer versions running there?

ok here's one example:
vader% scp williargv=(willi '')

it completes it but does this (this is the same .compctl as on the other

this also messes up my spacing - if i hit control-u i still have:
vader% scp williargv=(willi '')
vader% echo $ZSH_VERSION

this isn't really such a big deal since it's only one machine - i may just
ignore certain completions based on ZSH_VERSION

my personal machines are all 4.0.1, but the majority of the machines i use
for work are 3.1.9-dev-6 - the stable debian package.  aside from building a
package myself or adapting the unstable package and building it on stable not
really going to happen (ie there are 110 machines or so and i'm not going to
install it from source on all of them :>)

an example from one of these machines:

yakko% kill -Bad syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'?
Bad syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'?

ABRT     CLD      FPE      INT      POLL     QUIT     STOP     TRAP     TTOU
ALRM     CONT     HUP      KILL     PROF     SEGV     SYS      TSTP     URG
BUS      EXIT     ILL      PIPE     PWR      STKFLT   TERM     TTIN     USR1

this doesn't happen on my 4.0.1 machines but perhaps it's just being picky.
(also leaves the line placement a bit messed up even if i clear line)
i think i just copied this from the defaults or from someone so it's possible 
there's an error

or is there just something in here that needs to be different between linux / 
BSD? my personal machines are all freebsd so it's possible that that's the
difference.  anyway i hardly ever use this completion anyway so it's not a
huge deal - just annoying when i try to use it.

compctl -j -P '%' + -s '`ps -x | tail +2 | cut -c1-5`' + \
        -x 's[-] p[1]' -k "($signals[1,-3])" -- kill

thanks for the help!


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