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Re: compctl whitespace changes

On Aug 9,  8:14am, Phil Pennock wrote:
} Looking into _mutt, I've seen a problem with Maildirs support.
} With Maildir, you have your main Maildir, eg ~/Maildir/, and you can
} have folders inside that, each of which has a name starting with a
} period.  The normal one is .Trash, but others can be created.

Are you sure about this?  There's nothing in the maildir "spec" about
the format of the directory names, only their contents, and nothing in
the mutt documentation either that would indicate why every folder name
would be hidden with a leading dot.  I'd expect ".Trash" to be a special
(deliberately invisible) folder where deleted messages are moved before

} The current stuff doesn't handle this at all -- you might want a
} glob_dots modifier in there.

Completion deliberately (?) doesn't meddle with glob_dots in most cases
(it's neither set nor unset in _comp_options).  Any other mutt users out
there care to comment?

}  compdef _imutt imutt
}  _imutt () { setopt localoptions globdots; local
}    maildirectory=~/Maildir; _mutt "$@" }
} then when I do "imutt -f +<TAB>" I get nothing.

D'oh!  Of course you don't get anything, because _mailbox_cache assumes
that $maildirectory never changes, and none of the mailboxes already in
the cache it has built will match the ~/Maildir prefix.  So I led you
astray with that suggestion.

} Do people feel that a supplied patch to add Maildir support into
} $mailpath would be appropriate?  I'm happy to do the work, if it's not
} considered a bad idea.

It's already there.  "configure --enable-maildir-support ..."

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