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Re: compctl whitespace changes

On 2001-08-09 at 09:27 +0000, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> } With Maildir, you have your main Maildir, eg ~/Maildir/, and you can
> } have folders inside that, each of which has a name starting with a
> } period.  The normal one is .Trash, but others can be created.
> Are you sure about this?  There's nothing in the maildir "spec" about
> the format of the directory names, only their contents, and nothing in
> the mutt documentation either that would indicate why every folder name
> would be hidden with a leading dot.  I'd expect ".Trash" to be a special
> (deliberately invisible) folder where deleted messages are moved before
> purging.

Mutt's Maildir support is minimal.  Not a good example.

I should've been more explicit and said Maildir++, which most software
aside from Dan Bernstein's uses, for various reasons.  It's a superset.

Example documentation:

Something a quick google throws up:
which in passing demonstrates this being used.

> } Do people feel that a supplied patch to add Maildir support into
> } $mailpath would be appropriate?  I'm happy to do the work, if it's not
> } considered a bad idea.
> It's already there.  "configure --enable-maildir-support ..."

*sigh*  Thank you.  I did check the run-time docs.  And I just
~/zsh-4.0.2/Doc%; fgrep -i maildir **/*.yo
Zsh/compctl.yo:example(compctl -/ -W ~/Mail maildirs)

Further, the entry for $mailpath in zshparam(1) is a little misleading,
as it makes explicit reference to what happens when an entry is a
             If an element is a directory instead  of  a
     file the shell will recursively check every file in
     every subdirectory of the element.

I'll just go rebuild zsh ...  (serves me right for using *BSD Ports)

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