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Re: compctl whitespace changes

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On Aug 9,  8:14am, Phil Pennock wrote:
> } With Maildir, you have your main Maildir, eg ~/Maildir/, and you can }
> have folders inside that, each of which has a name starting with a }
> period.  The normal one is .Trash, but others can be created.
> Are you sure about this?  There's nothing in the maildir "spec" about the
> format of the directory names, only their contents, and nothing in the mutt
> documentation either that would indicate why every folder name would be
> hidden with a leading dot.  I'd expect ".Trash" to be a special
> (deliberately invisible) folder where deleted messages are moved before
> purging.

Oops - accidentally replied to Bart instead of the list... apologies.

I think it's created by a POP or IMAP client usually.  I don't use IMAP or
POP anymore since it's more convenient to my mutt setup to put maildirs
inside mail/, but courier IMAP puts everything in folders starting with dot
(or at least that's how it works on our system, so 'Trash' over IMAP would be

I do know that mutt lets you choose if you want to set the 'Trashed' flag
which is an option only available if you're using Maildir, so that may also
use the .Trash option??  I put all my mail in 'mail/Trash/' but there is
still a .Trash directory in my maildir; I'm not sure when or how it got
there. It's totally empty though.

zugzug# tree
|-- cur
|-- maildirfolder
|-- new
`-- tmp

3 directories, 1 file
zugzug# pwd

When I used dot subfolders from courier IMAP i had to change my mutt file
mask around to display them properly.  I haven't used the zsh functions
mentioned; just thought I'd throw in my $0.02 regarding the Maildir


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