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Re: compctl whitespace changes

On 2001-08-09 at 03:07 -0700, Will Yardley wrote:
> I think it's created by a POP or IMAP client usually.  I don't use IMAP or
> POP anymore since it's more convenient to my mutt setup to put maildirs
> inside mail/, but courier IMAP puts everything in folders starting with dot
> (or at least that's how it works on our system, so 'Trash' over IMAP would be
> Maildir/.Trash.  

Yeah.  It's all because IMAP uses dot as a hierarchy separator.  But if
you want a deeper hierarchy, you don't actually recurse.  You'd have
something like:
(and in many cases fold the last two into one *coughs*)

> When I used dot subfolders from courier IMAP i had to change my mutt file
> mask around to display them properly.

It's possible that this issue is courier specific, since that's what I'm
using for serving IMAP (but not for the actual delivery); but my
understanding is that it's Maildir++ which is used by several
applications.  Little things which still let Maildir programs function,
some; eg, S=size in the filename, so that you only need to readdir()
without 500 stat() calls so as to find out how large the files are.

The original Maildir simply doesn't provide any support for sub-folders.
But enough people are using them that it makes sense for zsh to
understand it.

I'm sticking with compctl for that one for now.  I still _understand_
that and don't need to read 231 60-line functions to figure out what's
going on.   *ducks*
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