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Re: Zsh Guide chapter 5 (substitutions)

On Aug 20, I wrote:
} Might be worth pointing out here or elsewhere that (#i)~/foo does NOT
} mean ~(#i)/foo, but rather means (#i)(|)~/foo
} Gotta stop now, back later for sections 5.9.7 and later.

And lo, in 5.9.7 PWS says:

   print (#i)~/.Z*

 doesn't work.

That doesn't say what it does do, though.

A little bit above that:

 You can put the flags at any point in the pattern, and they last either
 till the end, so in

The "either" lacks an "or."

Then I've got nothing until way down under zmv, where:

     [[ $f1 = (#b)${~pattern} ]] || next

That "next" should be a "continue".  (I myself am on the verge of
`alias next=continue' because I've been writing so much Perl at work

And that's all, except that I'm left puzzling over this:

 The other tricky point is the use of double quotes in the eval. That
 means that if the second argument has a double quote in it, the shell
 will get very confused.

This refers to:

     eval "f2=\"$result\""

I'm left wondering whether


wouldn't be equivalent and avoid the need for the double quotes?

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