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Re: termcap

> this machine doesn't have zsh so i'm running zsh from $HOME/bin/
> did i need to tell zsh the location of terminfo when i compiled it? do i
> just need to set different environment variables?
> if termcap is needed, i have a current copy of that in $HOME/etc/termcap
> i'm having the same problem with tcsh, so i'm assuming there's just some
> variable i need to set.

bash treats the TERMINFO parameter as special, and resets the terminal every
time it changes.  zsh (and tcsh, I assume) don't currently know about this
variable.  Other than the zsh/terminfo module, zsh is dealing with
termcap or termcap emulation.

On the other hand, zsh does react when the TERM parameter is changed.
I have zsh linked against ncurses, which knows about TERMINFO even though
zsh doesn't, and if I export TERMINFO, then change TERM, it will happily
find the terminfo definitions in $TERMINFO.

Thus, I think you are either not exporting TERMINFO to the environment
or the library which is providing zsh with tgetent() and friends
doesn't care about that variable.

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