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Re: --enable-maildir-support question

On Sat 09/08/01 at 07:00 PM +1000, Geoff Wing <gcw@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Firstly, ``mailpath'' overrides ``MAIL''.

Okay.  But I think the manual could be more direct about this.
Instead of saying:

            MAIL   If this parameter is set and <em>mailpath</em> is not set,
                   the shell looks for mail in the specified file.

I think it would be more explicit if it said:

           MAIL   If this parameter is set, the shell looks for mail
                  in the specified file.  But if <em>mailpath</em> is set,
                  the shell will look in the file specified by <em>mailpath</em>.
                  <em>mailpath</em> overrides <em>MAIL</em>.

> Secondly, Bart mentioned that multiple Maildir spools don't work
> properly (yet).  A single Maildir spool does.

(You may have already seen my question to him about that.)

Actually, I saw your message before I saw Bart's.  I was looking here
(in zsh-users) for a response, and, although Bart sent his response to
me directly, it managed to go into a mailbox other than my inbox.
Also, he appears to have cc:'d it to zsh-workers, but not zsh-users:

>	From: Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>	Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 17:11:12 +0000
>	Subject: Re: New mail notification not working
>	To: Russell Hoover <rj@xxxxxxxxx>
>	Cc: zsh-workers@xxxxxxxxxx
>	X-Mailer: Z-Mail (5.0.0 30July97)
>	Comments: In reply to Russell Hoover <rj@xxxxxxxxx>
>	        "Re: New mail notification not working" (Sep  7, 11:52am)

(No big deal.  I thought my question could use a re-phrasing anyway.)

> I use ``MAIL'' and not ``mailpath'' (because that's also what mutt
> looks at) but also setting ``mailpath'', e.g.

Since I use mutt, I should probably be doing the same thing.

> % mailpath=('/path/to/my/Maildir?Postman called. New mail has arrived!!')
> worked just fine too.

That's good news, but I'm stuck on something -- still not getting either
a defined (as per in your mailpath setting) or a default notification
message with:

export MAIL=$HOME/.mailspool/rj

OR with:

mailpath=($HOME/.mailspool/rj'?New mail has arrived.')

though it seems as though I should be . . .
                                 // rj@xxxxxxxxx //

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