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Re: can't find termcap info

Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> Will Yardley wrote:

> I could recompile zsh, but on some accounts, it would be annoying
> to install another version in my $HOME.

well it won't be too helpful to me, but perhaps indicating the version
of zsh and compile options (if known) and other pertinent information
might help.  have you tried this in any other shells?  are you sure that
the termcap and / or terminfo info for your terminal type is correct?
i've never ran into / seen this setting, nor did a quick google search
turn up anything...

> > you might try putting:
> > export TERMINFO=/etc/terminfo (or whatever your terminfo stuff is)
> This doesn't change anything (concerning zsh).
> > or
> > export TERMCAP=/etc/termcap (terminfo is better if it works)
> greux:~> export TERMCAP=$HOME/.termcap                                <14:54:42
> greux:~> TERM=nettle                                                  <14:54:55
> rlogin: connection closed.
> Why???

what does the 'nettle' section of $HOME/.termcap look like? is the
terminfo directory in your home dir as well (in /home/.terminfo/ or

it sounds like there's an error in the termcap description or something.
does the same thing happen if you do:
% bash
bash$ export TERMINFO=[location of terminfo directory]
bash$ export TERM=nettle

or does that work?  i think that unless zsh is compiled with ncurses you
have to use $TERMCAP (again check the archives if you'd like to hear
someone explain it in more excruciating detail).


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