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Re: history-incremental-search-backward with a twist

On Sep 29, 12:16am, Hannu Koivisto wrote:
} What would I have to do if I wanted to have commands that work just
} like history-incremental-search-{forward,backward} but consider
} only history elements that start with what is written on the
} command line at the time of invocation of such a searching command?

Presuming you have 4.0.x, this is ridiculously easy ...

    function beginning-incremental-search {
	zle .${WIDGET/beginning/history} $LBUFFER
    zle -N beginning-incremental-search-backward beginning-incremental-search
    zle -N beginning-incremental-search-forward beginning-incremental-search

    bindkey "^R" beginning-incremental-search-backward

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