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generic filename completion like "foo --file=ba<tab>"


I'm a former bash user starting to learn zsh.  I'm currently running
zsh 4.0.2 on Red Hat Linux, and zsh seems to be missing a feature I

In bash, I could do:
dd if=root.img of=/dev/f<tab>

In zsh, pressing the filename completion key (tabulate) does not
produce the desired result.  It seems to work fine where the filename
is separated by whitespace, but not where the filename is embedded in a
text string.

Many commands (particularly GNU utilities) take arguments in the form
--option=value, and value can often be a filename.  If I could easily
make zsh do this completion, my life would be easier!  :-)

I searched the archives of this mailing list, and could not find any
answer to this question, but over 5000 hits turned up, so I might have
missed something.  (The closest one is this:
but it does not seem to have a satisfactory answer.)

Any help (even a pointer to a relevant FAQ) would be most appreciated.



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