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Re: generic filename completion like "foo --file=ba<tab>"

Michael Wardle wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm a former bash user starting to learn zsh.  I'm currently running
> zsh 4.0.2 on Red Hat Linux, and zsh seems to be missing a feature I
> like.
> In bash, I could do:
> dd if=root.img of=/dev/f<tab>
> In zsh, pressing the filename completion key (tabulate) does not
> produce the desired result.

The new completion system will do this, and has completion of dd arguments
as well.  There's no mileage in trying to add this to the old system now.
It's automatic if you run compinit.
  autoload -U compinit
See the zshcompsys manual page.

You might want to `setopt magicequalsubst' for the best effect.  This will
force zsh to recognise ~-expansion after all equal signs.

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