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Re: generic filename completion like "foo --file=ba<tab>"

Peter Stephenson wrote:

> You might want to `setopt magicequalsubst' for the best effect.  This
> will
> force zsh to recognise ~-expansion after all equal signs.

If you look at _default, you'll see that it is set to complete files
after any `=' as part of the default completion if magicequalsubst is

Vincent Lefèvre wrote:

> After all, you cannot assume that an argument is always a filename.
> However, the default behaviour is to complete to a filename. I think
> we should have the same behaviour (possibly optional) after a "=".

This is a fairly valid point. Maybe we should rethink what the default
is here. Perhaps making the default be to complete files here and have
it turned off with a style.


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author