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RE: generic filename completion like "foo --file=ba<tab>"

> > I'm a former bash user starting to learn zsh.  I'm currently running
> > zsh 4.0.2 on Red Hat Linux, and zsh seems to be missing a feature I
> > like.
> >
> > In bash, I could do:
> > dd if=root.img of=/dev/f<tab>
> >
> > In zsh, pressing the filename completion key (tabulate) does not
> > produce the desired result.
> The new completion system will do this, and has completion of dd
> as well.

Yes and now. It does have completion for dd but it does not do it for
arbitrary command. I am not sure if it is a bug or feature. After all,
you cannot assume that `=' is always followed by file name.

You can configure default completion to be smarter. In new completion it
would use something like

[[ compset -P *= ]] && return _files
return 1

and then you need to tell to use it as fallback but do not ask me at the
moment how to do it :-) I expected it to be

put the above is some function like _default_completion
use compdef to define it:

compdef _default_completion -default-

but it does not work


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