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Refactoring _bsd_pkg


Is anyone using _bsd_pkg with OpenBSD 3.x?

The platform for which _bsd_pkg is relevant to me is OpenBSD.  Until
today, I hadn't realised that _bsd_pkg even existed.  Having just tried
it, I think the reason I didn't notice is that it behave{s,d} incorrectly
and therefore I didn't realised that something intelligent was at work.
Also, I notice that the OpenBSD ports tree contains a patch that I can't
see in zsh CVS HEAD. I have attached the completion function that I have
been using for pkg_delete and pkg_info. Mine is concise, partly because
it does not support pkg_add, pkg_create, or other BSDs. However, there
are some salient differences. Having downloaded the _bsd_pkg HEAD, it
appears that there are some errors in it from the OpenBSD perspective
(as in previous versions). I don't know whether this is because other
BSDs are different or because no one has noticed.

Is anyone aware of these sorts of things or is it only my perception?

#compdef pkg_delete pkg_info

# Thanks to the OpenBSD man pages for pkg_delete(1) and pkg_info(1)
# (whence comes the switch documentation).

local _pkg_delete_options _pkg_info_options _package

	'-v[Turn on verbose output]' \
	'-D[Do not execute deinstallation script]' \
	'-d[Remove left-over empty directories]' \
	'-n[Don''t deinstall, just report the steps to be taken]' \
	'-f[Force, even if script failed or dependency exists]' \
	'-p[Use this installation prefix if none specified by package]:directory:_files -/' \
	'*:installed package:_package'

	'(* -)-a[Show information for all currently installed packages]' \
	'-c[Show the one-line comment field for each package]' \
	'-D[Show the install-message file (if any) for each package]' \
	'-d[Show the long-description field for each package]' \
	'-e[Test for the presence of another package]:prerequisite package:_package' \
	'-f[Show the packing list instructions for each package]' \
	'-I[Show the index entry for each package]' \
	'-i[Show the install script (if any) for each package]' \
	'-k[Show the de-install script (if any) for each package]' \
	'-L[Show the files within each package (installed pathnames)]' \
	'-l[Prefix each information category header]:directory:_files -/' \
	'-m[Show the mtree file (if any) for each package]' \
	'-p[Show the installation prefix for each package]' \
	'-q[Be "quiet", just dump raw info]' \
	'-R[Show which packages require a given package]' \
	'-r[Show the requirements script (if any) for each package]' \
	'-v[Turn on verbose output]' \
	'*:installed package:_package'

_package() {
	_values /var/db/pkg/*(-/:t)

case "$service" in
	_arguments -s "$_pkg_delete_options[@]" && return 0
	_arguments -s "$_pkg_info_options[@]" && return 0

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