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Re: Refactoring _bsd_pkg

On 2 Jan, you wrote:
> The platform for which _bsd_pkg is relevant to me is OpenBSD.  Until
> today, I hadn't realised that _bsd_pkg even existed.  Having just tried
> it, I think the reason I didn't notice is that it behave{s,d} incorrectly
> and therefore I didn't realised that something intelligent was at work.

It was written originally for FreeBSD with some NetBSD options being added
later. You're the first person I remember mentioning its use with OpenBSD.
Though doubtless there are people who have tried it and just ignored the
incorrect behaviour.

> Also, I notice that the OpenBSD ports tree contains a patch that I can't
> see in zsh CVS HEAD. I have attached the completion function that I have
> been using for pkg_delete and pkg_info. Mine is concise, partly because
> it does not support pkg_add, pkg_create, or other BSDs. However, there
> are some salient differences. Having downloaded the _bsd_pkg HEAD, it
> appears that there are some errors in it from the OpenBSD perspective
> (as in previous versions). I don't know whether this is because other
> BSDs are different or because no one has noticed.

Is there any chance that you could merge your OpenBSD functions into
the _bsd_pkg HEAD and then submit a patch to the zsh-workers list. They
can then be committed to cvs without upsetting FreeBSD users. It should
just be a matter of sticking an `openbsd*)' section in the various `case
"$OSTYPE" in' parts of the function. If not, I can attempt to do it
but I'll probably make a mess of it as I don't have access to any BSD
systems to check it against.



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