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Re: Completion of dirs confused over cursor position

On 2003-01-09 at 18:35 +0000, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> I suspect this may have something to do with zsh-workers/17906 and its
> follow-up, zsh-workers/17910.  You could at least try applying the patch
> from 17910, if you aren't already using 4.1.0-dev-whatever.

It's a sparc 4 -- I use the prebuilt binary packages from the release
CDs (OpenBSD 3.2).  :^)  I've been too spoilt by modern CPUs ...

Okay, I've tried the change from:
(which should be zsh-workers/17910); the changed line is 461, as per
your mail, Bart.

It hasn't fixed the problem.  I tried reloading the function, then I
logged out and in again to ensure that the shell reloaded all functions

To be honest, I just commented out the zstyle line, since it was only
picked up by exploring the compinstall menus and going "oooh, shiny!".
So it's not currently affecting me unless I explictly try to test.  I'm
happy to test ideas, but is anyone else even seeing this behaviour?


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