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RE: more interactive menu completion

Borzenkov Andrey wrote:

> > 
> > I'm using menu completion now, and I absolutely love
> > it.  However I was just thinking that all of my
> > keyboard keys are unmapped during menu completion, so
> > wouldn't it be nice if I could press 'abc', and have
> > the selection go to the first file starting with an
> > 'abc'?  This is very much like the way modern file
> > managers work (e.g. Explorer,  Konqueror, etc), except
> > they only match the first letter.
> > 
> > It would be great if this kind of widget can be
> > refined to do substring matching as well.  Does this
> > kind of completion scheme currently exist for Zsh?
> > 
> There is incremental-complete-word widget that does what you want. I do not
> know if it is widely used, so your comments would be welcome.

In the development version, there is also incremental mode of menu
selection, see the docs for the `complist' module and for the new
completion system (under the `menu' style).


Sven Wischnowsky                          wischnow@xxxxxxxxx

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