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Re: How to do filename completion with umlauts?

Hi Andrey and Oliver,

thanks for your help, but it still doesn't work. :-(

> May it depend on locale settings? Do you have locale set up?
Yes.  I didn't have all the LC_* set up, just LC_ALL but even after copying
your setup it doesn't work.

> This is on Mandrake with zsh 4.0.6
Here Debian Package zsh 4.0.4-33

> > how do I make case-insensitive filename completion work with umlauts?
> > I tried
> >  zstyle ":completion:*" matcher-list 'm:{A-Zöäüa-zÖÄÜ}={a-zöäüA-ZÖÄÜ}'
> You're mapping the characters to themselves instead of to the opposite
> case.

> Try 'm:{A-Zöäüa-zÖÄÜ}={a-zÖÄÜA-Zöäü}' instead.
Unfortunately this doesn't work either. :-(

Now when I type TAB after an umlaut _nothing_ happens, it just beeps.
If I press TAB after a "normal" character it completes, but doesn't change
the case of umlauts either.  Hm, what else could be wrong?


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