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Re: Why no useful defaults?

> > Hm, most of the people I'm showing zsh and trying to convince them
> > that it's A LOT better than bash see the default prompt and say yuck.
> What does the default prompt have to do with it? The default bash prompt
> is 'bash-[version#]$ '; eg "bash-2.05a$ ' - how much more interesting is
> that?

Oops, you're right.  Sorry, I guess I haven't used bash for so long that I
forgot that :-)

But still, the fact that the bash prompt is ugly doesn't justify that the
default zsh prompt has to be ugly, too.  Besides I wasn't only talking
about the prompt.  All the nice features of zsh have to be turned on
manually first which I think is a shame.

But it seems that everyone on the list is happy and you don't want to
"convert" bash users to zsh.  Well, I don't care, just wanted to help with
an idea. :-(


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