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Re: Prompt themes

 --- John Buttery <john@xxxxxx> wrote: > * Roman Neuhauser
<neuhauser@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2003-02-04 11:45:14 +0100]:
> >     why don't you use FPATH=$HOME/.zsh/functions:$FPATH ?  That would
> >     save you from the same trouble in the future when it changes.
>   I know, but I like things to be explicitly set.  The chi and harmony I
> get internally from doing things that way outweighs the temporary
> discomfort of having to update it every once in a while.  :) 

Hi John,

It really is not a good idea to "set" the FPATH in any of your init scripts,
despite what your chi and harmony might lead you to believe.  ;)  Things will
break in unpredictable ways when you upgrade or try to use your init scipts
on a different machine.

There is a $fpath variable, which is an array that mirrors the contents of
$FPATH (e.g. when you modify one, the other will change as well).  I find it
easier to play with arrays, for example the following:


prepends two directories to $fpath and indirectly $FPATH.

Perpend/append good; set bad.


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