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Re: Prompt themes

* Le Wang <lewang@xxxxxxxxx> [2003-02-04 10:13:57 -0500]:
> It really is not a good idea to "set" the FPATH in any of your init scripts,
> despite what your chi and harmony might lead you to believe.  ;)  Things will
> break in unpredictable ways when you upgrade or try to use your init scipts
> on a different machine.

  I know, and that's the very trouble I was referring to when I said the
chi and harmony justified it.  :)  I believe in training myself to be
"debug-resilient", which means that I do things a certain way that
probably causes breakage a little more often than doing it your way
(which is the way most people do it, I'm sure), but leaves me more
prepared to deal with problems when they do occur...if for no other
reason than the familiarity.

> There is a $fpath variable, which is an array that mirrors the contents of
> $FPATH (e.g. when you modify one, the other will change as well).  I find it
> easier to play with arrays, for example the following:
> fpath=(${LE_ETC}/shell/zsh/autoloads/interactive
>        ${LE_ETC}/shell/zsh/completion
>        $fpath)
> prepends two directories to $fpath and indirectly $FPATH.

  Are you saying there's a difference between playing with $fpath and
$FPATH (I mean, besides the syntactic differences of dealing with them,
I realize one's an array and the other's different...but a difference in
the results produced after the modification)?

> Perpend/append good; set bad.

  That depends on your definitions of good and bad.  :)  If it makes you
feel better, I have this line right above my normal FPATH-setting line
in .zshrc:

#export FPATH="${HOME}/.zsh/functions:${FPATH}"

  It's there to be uncommented at any time; part of being
"debug-resilient".  :)

 John Buttery
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