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completing a single clearcase command

I know that various folks have tried to tackle completion for rational
clearcase, with some success.  I have a very specific completion task I'd
like to get working (as opposed to tackling the whole beast), and would
appreciate some pointers as to how to proceed.

Note that I'm using the "new" completion system.

Like CVS, clearcase has a 2-level command system.  The first command is
always "cleartool" (usually aliased to "ct").  The second is the real
operation you want to do.  So, for example, "ct ls" does a cleartool
equivalent of ls.

The subcommand I'm interested in getting completion on is "setview," which
has the following usage:

Usage: setview [-login] [-exec command-invocation] view-tag

The view-tag argument will be a name pulled from the list of available
views.  A list of these can be gotten (1 entry per line) by running
"cleartool lsview -short"

So, what I'd like to do is be able to type:

ct setview -l<TAB>  # complete optional switch
--> ct setview -login eric<TAB> # complete view-tag, using list from ct
lsview -short
  --> ct setview -login ericf_some_view_tag_from_ct_lsview_short_list<RET>

But, I'd like to still be able to get file completion and so forth on other
clearcase subcommands, so it's important that that not be disabled in the

Any pointers/snippets would be very much appreciated.


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