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Re: completing a single clearcase command

If you just want something to work, I suggest using Gorgan Koruga's clearcase
completion function as a base, which can be found at:

It handles a small set of the cleartools commands, but I suspect a good
used subset.

As part of my attempts to automatically create completion functions, I  decided
to tackle cleartool, generating a completion function via the help output.   I
wanted to automate the process, in order to make it easy to keep up with new
versions.  For details:

Based on what you said, it sounds like you might have found the one I
generated, and it wasn't very helpful.  Mine has several problems.  One
significant problem when you attempt to use it, is that it is missing a
_cc_views function, and other functions that return lists of items (e.g. branch
names, type names,...)  You could write your own or steal them from Gorgan's

His function also has examples of creating these "listing functions". 
Basically, a listing function is something that runs some command (ct lsview
-short), which generates of list of possible values you want to complete.  You
have to parse the command output, find the values you want, and return those in
the proper format.

If there is demand, I would be willing to add my clearcase completion function
to the codeline.  It is pretty big, about the same size as the larch completion
function, which seems to be the largest one right now.

Once it is in the codeline, it would be easier for other folks to contribute
changes and make it more useful.  I haven't had access to Clearcase for a
while, so it is difficult to get listing functions that work.


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