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Re: echo-ing case insensitively

Bart Schaefer said:
> On Feb 12, 11:59pm, Eric Smith wrote:
> >
> > I do not use directories much - I prefer underscores in filenames.
> I suspect I know what you mean, but it's really not clear what the
> second clause has to do with the first.

It was a cryptic reference to my ideology which you are provoking me 
now to impose on others....
Well I find directories that enforce a one-dimensional hierarchy
very restrictive and maps poorly to the real world.  Accordingly
I use underscores in filenames to create "namespaces" like others would
create dirs.  But the freedom of not using directories allows files
to live under many different classes or categories simultaneously.

Then when you use the enhanced print function that you kindly offered,
it instantaneously finds files by any key word.  Faster than ls, find or
locate and real-time with the file-system.

Nest challenge would be to give se() multiple words and it will match
any file with those strings in it - you can trivially implement this

se draft|grep -i recent|grep -i whatever

But that is not zshellese and is of course very boring (and inefficient).

> Which of compctl or compsys are you using?

The latter (of course).

Thanks for your help.

Eric Smith

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