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Re: Remote scp completion that can handle spaces etc. in pathnames

Hannu Koivisto wrote:
> Thanks!  It applied to 4.0.4 just fine.  However, I needed 
> an additional modification to make it work with filenames such as
> ``[foo bar* |'' -- * and | didn't appear at all without this
> modification.  I wonder if this breaks something elsewhere?  See
> the modification below, within your patch.

The completion for ssh uses ls -F on the remote machine to get the files
and then takes trailing *, =, |, / and @ characters to be the characters
added by ls -F to indicate the type of the file. I don't tend to have
file names ending in those characters and find it useful that it does
this. The ssh completion should perhaps honour the list_types style but
it'd still need ls -F to be able to do add `/' suffixes for directories.


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