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Re: Please remove this spamming asshole <moonjh1@xxxxxxxxxxx>

A quick check in my spam directory shows that some spam messages are also 
multipart.  The majority (in my sample which may or may not be 
representative) have only text/html, but a significant number also have plain 

If it is practical, it would be a good idea to automatically extract plain 
text only for senders who are part of the list.  If that can't be done, then 
send a bounce message to the sender.  If it isn't a spam message, the sender 
can resend in plain text.

On Wednesday 19 February 2003 02:09 am, Zefram wrote:
> Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> >The spams getting through seem to be mostly just those with charsets of
> >euc-kr, ks_c_5601-1987 and GB2312 and content-types of text/html.
> I can only think of one occasion when I've received a non-spam email
> with content type text/html -- that alone is a good spam indicator.
> There's also a huge number of people that have the poor taste to send
> a multipart of text/plain and text/html, which also deserves to be
> discouraged but isn't a good spam indicator.
> -zefram

Seth Kurtzberg
M. I. S. Corp.

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