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Re: Please remove this spamming asshole <moonjh1@xxxxxxxxxxx>

On 15 Feb, William Park wrote:
> I'm tired of spams in this mailing list.  Please unsubscribe this
> asshole.  --William Park

Your quoting the entire message actually meant that spamprobe filtered
your message for me but never mind.

The spams getting through seem to be mostly just those with charsets of
euc-kr, ks_c_5601-1987 and GB2312 and content-types of text/html. So I
spoke to Karsten again about filtering these. He then "grep'ed quite a
bit in many list archives" and found no messages where content-type is
text/html. I can confirm that this is also true for all messages in the
zsh archives. So Karsten is now blocking those.

Does anyone have any objections? Or has anyone identified anything
better to filter those messages on? I seem to remember reading somewhere
recently about hotmail now sending messages as text/html by default
which might make the filter a bit excessive.


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