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Re: Please remove this spamming asshole <moonjh1@xxxxxxxxxxx>

On Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 09:21:18AM +0100, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> On 15 Feb, William Park wrote:
> > I'm tired of spams in this mailing list.  Please unsubscribe this
> > asshole.  --William Park
> Your quoting the entire message actually meant that spamprobe filtered
> your message for me but never mind.
> The spams getting through seem to be mostly just those with charsets of
> euc-kr, ks_c_5601-1987 and GB2312 and content-types of text/html. So I
> spoke to Karsten again about filtering these. He then "grep'ed quite a
> bit in many list archives" and found no messages where content-type is
> text/html. I can confirm that this is also true for all messages in the
> zsh archives. So Karsten is now blocking those.
> Does anyone have any objections? Or has anyone identified anything
> better to filter those messages on? I seem to remember reading somewhere
> recently about hotmail now sending messages as text/html by default
> which might make the filter a bit excessive.

I thought only those who subscribed can post to this mailing list.  I
guess this mailing list is just "include" in the /etc/mail/aliases. :-)

William Park, Open Geometry Consulting, <opengeometry@xxxxxxxx>
Linux solution for data management and processing. 

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