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Re: ZSH on Dos/Windows - the end

	Hello, everyone.
	If you don't remember me anymore, I turned to you last weekend to get help
on the use of ZSH under DOS/Windows. I moaned about not having a newer
build than 3.0.5 for Windows, and that I didn't want to use Cygwin. Well,
after this week, I think I am definitely converted into Cygwin. I've been
using it a lot and I am enjoying it. My only complaint, a big one, is that
Cygwin freezes too often when I call Bash or ZSH. The console window opens,
but the shell won't start. Then I have to Ctrl+Alt+Del and kill bash or zsh
and winoldap and try again. It happens in over half of all the times I
launch the shell, with or without rxvt. REALLY annoying. Apart from that,
things are working fine, including zsh.

	Thorsten and Bart: your tips on how to set up key bindings and colors
surely helped a lot. Some of Bart's bindings didn't work in rxvt, but
Thorsten's did. I am still learning how to set up these. Thank you very
much for your help. On the other hand, Thorsten, you told me to RTFM
several times, and that's not always the best answer. My question about the
changes from zsh 3.0.5 to the latest, was made totally on purpose. These
change logs most often don't mean anything to a newbie. Since I don't use
the program/language/whatever, I have no way to assess the impact of any
given change, changes made when I didn't even know the
program/language/whatever existed, so I cannot pinpoint the most relevant
changes in a long and strange list. I still don't know which of those
changes are the most relevant, but that doesn't matter anymore because I am
planning to stick with Cygwin. And, you see, there *was* something wrong
with cron in Cygwin? :-Para

	I also told you I was using zsh to index all files in my hard drive, that
it was pretty fast with zsh 3.0.5 Windows and *very slow* with zsh 4.0.6
Cygwin. More than one person suggested that I use updatdb and locate for
that. I didn't like it at all. Locate is pretty fast, but you have to
reindex the drives and update the database with updatdb, and that's *very
slow* too. I considered keeping zsh 3.0.5 Windows for that task alone, but
I replaced it completely with a Tcl script. zsh 3.0.5 Windows can scan my
drives in 20~30 seconds. Tcl can scan my drives in 20~30 seconds the first
time it is run, and if it's run again any time before a reboot, it does the
job in no more than 10 seconds. Yay! This language is always surprising me.
	Well, I guess this is it. Thank you for your attention and kind help.

	Best regards,
	Luciano Espirito Santo
	Santos, SP - Brasil

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