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Re: ZSH on Dos/Windows - the end

* Luciano ES (03-04-14 02:40 +0100)
> My only complaint, a big one, is that Cygwin freezes too often when I call
> Bash or ZSH. The console window opens, but the shell won't start. Then I
> have to Ctrl+Alt+Del and kill bash or zsh and winoldap and try again. It
> happens in over half of all the times I launch the shell, with or without
> rxvt. REALLY annoying.

Virus Scanner? Windows 98?
> On the other hand, Thorsten, you told me to RTFM several times, and that's
> not always the best answer.

Recommended readings:
"A workshop on Zsh"               by Larry P. Schrof
"A User's Guide to the Z-Shell"   by Peter Stephenson
"An Introduction  to the Z Shell" by Paul Falstad and of course
the "Z-Shell Frequently-Asked Questions"

> My question about the changes from zsh 3.0.5 to the latest, was made totally
> on purpose. These change logs most often don't mean anything to a newbie.
> Since I don't use the program/language/whatever, I have no way to assess
> the impact of any given change, changes made when I didn't even know the
> program/language/whatever existed, so I cannot pinpoint the most relevant
> changes in a long and strange list. I still don't know which of those
> changes are the most relevant, [...]

The completion system changed and is much more usable but your 
question was too general and the changes were too many to answer this 
sufficiently. The main difference between /your/ old zsh (Amol's zsh) 
and your new one is that cygwin's zsh is a vanilla/Unix zsh and Amol's 
was a "hacked" Windows one.

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