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Yes, it is on Solaris 2.6, but I don't know what patch it was.
I just sent this mail, so maybe somebody can apply my changes into the official sources.
I don't have the knowledgne nor the time to find out how to do it myself, that's why I sent it to the mailing list.
It's probably not so important, but I guess it's a little effort for somebody who knows the procedure.

-- Koen

koen.van_hoo1@xxxxxxxxx writes:
> Recently it did install some patches on our servers, which caused 
> ioctl(SHTTY, TIOCGWINSZ, (char *)&shttyinfo.winsize)
> to return an error.
> In that case ws_row and ws_col in shttyinfo.winsize are set to 0 in Src/utils.c, 
> and a lot off tools like vi, more, less, ... don't work properly anymore.
You didn't say which server you are talking about. Might it be
Solaris 2.6 and you installed latest kernel jumbo patch which has
identical problem you just described?

4843340 patch 105181-34 /kernel/strmod/ptem returns EINVAL for


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