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RE: virus and CVS issues

I respectfully submit that it's time to revisit the "you must be subscribed
to post" issue.  I know it's been ruled out before, but things have changed
since then, and not for the better.


-----Original Message-----
From: Oliver Kiddle [mailto:okiddle@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2003 9:24 AM
To: Zsh users
Subject: virus and CVS issues

I contacted sunsite.dk people about the recent virus problem and
received this in reply:

> Hi,
> I have updated our virus signature database which had become ancient.
> Please let us know if it helps.
> We can also set up qconfirm in front of the lists (or some of them, if
> you wish). qconfirm is a tmda-like system which is written in C for
> speed.
> In the hopefully not too distant future we will also upgrade some
> machinery which will enable us to run spamassassin and thereby shoot
> down even more spam.

Hopefully that helps. I'm increasingly thinking that qconfirm, at least
for the users list would be a good idea. Especially if we get another
virus outbreak like this one.

Since I was e-mailing them anyway, I also enquired about CVS hosting
(problems with CVS currently being discussed on -workers). Response
on that issue was:

> Sure.. No problem.. We can host your cvs repository and we can make
> daily snapshots how ever you would like them to be. If you need other
> features I'm almost sure we can figure something out.
> As I said above we will be upgrading some hardware soon (sorry - can't
> give an exact date yet). This will mean some structural improvements to
> most of the systems we have set up. If you'd like to we will happily
> take in your cvs repository before the upgrade but I think that I would
> recommend that you wait for the upgrade to happen to ensure the most
> smooth migration. But that all depends on how desperate you are ;-)
> As always; if you have questions please don't hestitate to ask them.
> Here or on IRCnet channel #sunsite.

So with the daily snapshots not being a problem, that could be a good
option. Perhaps if we wait till sunsite have the new hardware and if SF
still has issues then, we can switch. Sound okay?


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